Plenary Session: Prof. Kong Siu Cheung, Education University of Hong Kong, China

04 Jul 2017
9:00 - 10:00

Plenary Session: Prof. Kong Siu Cheung, Education University of Hong Kong, China

Session chair: Nian-Shing Chen, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

Design of a Programming Course in Senior Primary Schools for Computational Thinking Development

Computational thinking (CT) is a thinking process involving the formulation of problems and solutions by drawing on the fundamental concepts of computer science. As digital technologies penetrates in all sectors of the society, the development of CT competency is important for young generations to nurture their problem-solving skills and creativity for solving everyday problems and continuing innovations in the digital age. In recent years, K-12 education pays attention to CT development for introducing this requisite thinking skill to young learners through programming, which has been long emphasized in higher education. This speech will share an experience of designing a three-year programming curriculum for an integration of CT into senior primary education to facilitate young learners’ development of CT and creativity. The learning outcomes of the designed curriculum are developed according to the three-dimensional CT framework by Brennan and Resnick (2012) for addressing CT knowledge, CT practices and CT perspectives. The curriculum design is guided by the Interest-Driven Creators Theory to engage young learners in an interest-driven learning process with technological support for developing creativity. This speech will also discuss the lessons learnt from implementing the designed curriculum for CT development in 12 primary schools in Hong Kong.

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